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Shall we play?This is a (very) abridged version of Los Vengadores original site in Spanish. Considering that the Internet already has plenty of websites containing detailed information on the series itself, we decided to translate into English only those articles (as well as a few facts) that may show our particular perspective on The Avengers as Latin Americans.

If you're able to read in Spanish (or want to brush up it a little!) you would probably enjoy a visit to the original Los Vengadores website.

Choose Your Chesspiece
What's New? What's New? Is there any news? Or there are only a bunch of lazy guys who try to bore us to tears with the same old stuff?
A Passage To Avengerland A Passage
To Avengerland
What makes The Avengers a truly special series? What does it deal with? What topics does it approach?
The Mirror Room The Mirror Room A place where a player and his/her character are face-to-face. Convergences, divergences, contact points and other subtleties.
The Ransack Club The Ransack Club A section to make our life harder, to tax our brain cells, to dissect the series and/or its characters through out-and-out appraisals.
Epic? Epic? Comments, critiques and diatribes on the controversial Avengers motion picture. Come on, join us and read our views.
Forget-Me-Knot Forget-Me-Knot Broadcasting dates, Spanish episode's titles, plus a brief review of The Avengers in Argentina (yesterday as well as today).
Traduttore, Traditore! Traduttore,
Translator, you're a traitor! A list of omissions, silliness and controversy included in the ridiculous, whimsical translations into Spanish of The Avengers episode titles.
Game Game We invite you to prove how much you know about The Avengers through these silly little games.
The Envy Of Remak The Envy
Of Remak
Screensavers, desktop themes, wallpapers and other Avengers goodies, that will make Remak a little jealous...
Who's Who??? Who's Who??? Concise (and not so) biographies of the irresponsible authors of this site.
The Cybernaut's  Den The Cybernaut's Den Wanna join our site? Send your comments or opinions? Make any suggestion? This is your place!
A Sense Of History A Sense
Of History
Anecdotes, site's navigation, technical details and overstated opinions on issues that interested nobody!
Love All Love All How much Avengers stuff is going around the web? Links to all the sites we like and love...
Search Á La Carte Search Á La Carte Search for any information on The Avengers contained in this site, TheAvengers.TV or the entire web.

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