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Mrs Peel, I think there's a link between us... The Avengers' indisputable impact and popularity is clearly reflected through the numerous websites dedicated to the series. Hundreds of pages covering every imaginable aspect of the show—from general information to memorabilia—swarm over cyberspace from every corner of the world.

Although most of them are in English, there's a small yet significant collection of sites in German, Italian, French, Dutch and Swedish, which surely will be the polyglots' pride and joy. Needless to say, at the time of its launch, Los Vengadores was the first Avengers site in Spanish, and, to the best of our knowledge, it is still the only one.

This page offers a selection of links to the sites we like and love the most. For the sake of clarity, we've put them together thematically, according to the following scheme:

  • The Series: general information; episode reviews; images and sounds.
  • The Stars and Their Characters: information on the actors and actresses starring the series; tributes to the different characters.
  • Forums: Want to know something in particular about The Avengers? Interested in sharing your views with other Avengers fans? This is your place!
  • Fan-Fiction Stories: The Avengers in literary format.

Not satisfied yet? Would you like to learn about some other links? Well, then—take a look at the links page at The Avengers Forever! More than one hundred links are waiting for you. Happy surfin'!

The Series

TheAvengers.TVFirst things first: our home

TheAvengers.TV - a family of sites about The Avengers
A family of sites dedicated to "The Avengers"? That's right. Originally created as a new URL for his own site, David K. Smith generously decided to expand his project, making of TheAvengers.TV the home for international Avengers websites. Along with some of the authors who best know about the series, like Alan & Alys Hayes and Mike Noon, David established this singular home that hosts an increasing group of sites (including ours!). Let's introduce our relatives:

The Avengers Forever! (USA)
A must! An absolute don't-miss site if you're looking for the most comprehensive information about "The Avengers" and "The New Avengers." David K. Smith has left nothing aside, and his site looks like a true "virtual encyclopedia" (as he names it) which, in addition, is constantly enriched thanks to the active participation of visitors. Still more: David is the only host who has dedicated a special section in his site for reports on "The Avengers" in other countries around the world—of course, Argentina has its own page. To sum-up, "The Avengers Forever" is a place that invites you to stop by for a long while. Don't miss it by any means!

The Avengers eStore (USA)
"The place" in the Internet to buy Avengers books, CDs, videos or DVDs. Conceived originally as the "Merchandising" section within "The Avengers Forever," "The Avengers eStore" was re-launched by David K. Smith as a new, separate website, as part of "TheAvengers.TV" global project. Any purchase you make through its links, will help to support the webspace of the site you're surfing right now, as well as the other sites from "TheAvengers.TV" family.

Avengers on the Radio (UK)
What? "The Avengers" was also on the radio? Yup, on a South African radio, no less. Here is your chance to find out about one of the most bizarre chapters in the history of a bizarre series. Our trusty Alan and Alys Hayes managed to track down the forgotten radio plays and carried out a commendable restoration work of the original tapes. Thanks to their effort, all of us can enjoy today these legendary 30-years-old radio shows that undoubtedly are part of the ever fascinating Avengers universe. Alan and Alys, you're great!

...Deadline... The Avengers Press And PR Archive (UK)
As always, the virtual Avengers library reflects Mike Noon's praiseworthy trouble to compile every bit of the information about the Avengers published in the media. Articles came not only from English newspapers and magazines, but also from the rest of Europe, ranging from the very beginning of the series in 1960 to the curtain fall with "The New Avengers" (1977). Not only that—the press section covers right up to the present. Hard to believe.

Dead Duck (UK)
Don't panic! The old "Noon: Doomsday" died out... as a name only! Host Mike Noon decided to split it up into two new websites: "Dead Duck" and "Deadline" (see the next link below) both named after the Avengers novels co-authored by Peter Leslie and Patrick Macnee. "Dead Duck" contains an astonishing detail of Avengers merchandise that Mike offered in his previous site—books, toys, games, songs, fanzines, trading cards and all that your imagination can conceive. A true delight for all fans.

The Avengers Illustrated (UK)
Another outstanding website from Mike Noon. This time, Mike devotes his site to the many comic strips versions of "The Avengers." Annuals, newspaper strips, cartoons and comic books originating from England, France, Holland, Germany or other countries are carefully presented here. If you always wanted to see Steed, Emma, Tara and even Mother in comic strip form, then The Avengers Illustrated is the site you're looking for.

And now let's cordially introduce our neighbors...

Mrs Peel — We're Needed! (Australia)
Webmaster Piers Johnson claims to have put the first website ever devoted to "The Avengers" on the internet. That's some pioneer! In line with the site's name, Piers deals only with the Emma Peel seasons. Nevertheless, you'll find here the most impressive (and complete) data on each episode of the Peel series, with hundreds of screenshots and the most incredible details—from clothing to every drink consumed in every single episode. Remarkable!

Quite Quite Fantastic Avengers Website Ltd. (UK)
Sporting "The New Avengers" logo in its beautiful graphic design, QQF is essentially a site dedicated to review every episode of the entire series, including "The New Avengers." You want more? Sure! Look for the comments on the ill-fated Avengers motion picture, plus additional information about books, videos, DVDs and other Avengers goods. Quite, quite good show!

With Umbrella, Charm And Bowler (UK)
Probably the Internet's most original Avengers website, With Umbrella, Charm And Bowler offer us a different glance to The Avengers universe, displaying one of the most exquisite senses of humour that you can find within its bounds. To ROTFL for hours.

Elan Avengers (UK)
A site owned by Scot Alistair McGown, it was named after Mrs Peel's sports car. Good entertainment, containing many useful things—late breaking news, images, episode reviews, articles... and, needless to say, the most in-depth details of Emma's Lotus Elan.

The Nitpicker's Guide To The Avengers (USA)
You thought nobody has ever made any mistake in "The Avengers"? Ask webmaster Sam McCallie! A unique, ever growing Avengers site, The Nitpicker's Guide compiles all those slip-ups and omissions that occurred along the different episodes, as proof that the camera cannot lie. A new, excellent Avengers proposal showing that not even our favorite TV show was perfect.

The Avengers Soundpage (USA)
Tons of Avenging sounds—from the original scores of each season to The Joker's "Mein Liebling, Mein Rose;" from "Kinky Boots" to the memorable "Eee-urp!" Wow! You'll find lots of sound effects as well, dialogue, and the like, available in WAV, Real Audio, MP3 and MIDI formats. Are you listening, pal?

Official Canal+Image Avengers Website (UK)
As the name states, this is the official site (duh!) of Canal Plus, the company that owns the copyright of the original series both on video and DVD. The photo album (official photos, obviously) is the largest you'll find on the Internet. Also there's a cast/credits list in pop-up format for each episode. As far as we know, this is the only Avengers website that exists in two versions—both HTML and Flash. Also we might have said this was the only bilingual Avengers site (English and French)... until Los Vengadores hit the web!

Authorised Guide to The New Avengers (UK)
Without a doubt, the most comprehensive information on "The New Avengers" is here, where Dave Matthews, the webmaster, has the last word. An exclusive site for the Steed of the 70s and his partners Purdey and Gambit, that in general smacks of a very good job, even though some sections would benefit from an urgent update.

The Stars And Their Characters

Patrick Macnee's Official Homepage (USA)
Mr Macnee took his time to appear "officially" on the net, but thanks to a little help from his son Rupert, his straightforward, user-friendly website was eventually launched in August 2000. Don't miss the "Work" section, which contains exhaustive detail of Patrick's professional career. Now if you'd like to learn when Patrick will make his next public appearance, do his next chat, etc, then go visit the "News" section, and you'll be kept informed. Oh, and don't forget to sign the guestbook—Patrick indeed reads every message posted there, and loves hearing from his fans

Steedophilia (UK)
Tired of visiting websites where only the Avengers girls (Mrs Peel, Mrs Gale, Tara or Purdey) are brought up for discussion, ignoring our dashing hero John Steed? Then drop by this one! Just pay it a visit and you'll enjoy many photos, screen grabs and very intricate appraisals of the gentleman with umbrella and bowler hat. A site 100% devoted to Steed... and very well made! A round of applause for webmistress Judith Rolls!

Emma Peel Home Page (UK)
A personal homepage of its author, the very young Liz Eggleston, rather than a site dedicated to Mrs Peel. However, in her section devoted to Emma, Liz shows a collection of photomontages and other images of our heroine in catsuits, both in black & white and color, alone or along with Steed, that will delight everyone.

Tara-Ra-Boom-Di-Ay (UK)
Actually this is a small tribute that Chris Johnson, our friend and host of Cult TV-Memorabilia has paid to Linda. There isn't too much artwork in this non-pretentious website, but information, some interviews, photos and recent news on her. Well done, Chris!

Honor Blackman is a Swinging Chick (USA)
As part of a site called "Swingin' Chicks of the ' 60s," containing condensed biographies of almost 200 actresses who shone brightly in that decade, Honor Blackman has her place. Not much for a star who'd deserve a lot more, but acceptable. Of course, among those 200 names, also it is Diana Rigg.


El lugar en Internet para discutir todo sobre Los Vengadores en línea

TheAvengers.TV International Forum
The ultimate, multilingual resource to discuss Avengers topics online. Fans from everywhere in the world may converge in this novel, large-scale venture, as not only English-speakers are welcome, but also Spanish, and very soon, German, French and Italian-speakers as well. An exceptional vehicle to pull the lovely international Avengers community together. Join now!

The Avengers Mailing List
Unlike the Forum, this is a discussion group you may access to by means of a subscription, every post being sent to your mailbox. If you're interested in joining Suburbia, and ready to get tons of daily messages, just send an email to the address shown above with the subject or body of "subscribe." Great fun's guaranteed.

Fan-Fiction Stories

Rough Magic
This is not a short tale, grant you. Author Margaret Warren has written a book! A fascinating, very enjoyable Avengers novel you can download through Margaret and Jim Warren's site, The Sword and The Quill. "Rough Magic" is about 1 Mb in size, enough to give us an idea of the effort Margaret has put into it. And the story is so well written that it's a true joy to read!

Avengers Fiction Circle
Believe it or not, many of the biggest fans of "The Avengers" are members of the Avengers Fiction Circle (AFC) and have written excellent fanfic with such plots that would leave Brian Clemens himself puzzled! Visit the site mentioned above and you'll find all the titles available and how to contact their authors.

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