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Thanks for visiting Los Vengadores. We welcome any comments that you may wish to send. If you prefer to email us, just do it!. In case you don't have an email address, scroll down to the Feedback Form link. Please don't forget to indicate your full name, your country's name, how you found our site and whether or not you are happy for your message and email address to be posted at the site. As you can see, Los Vengadores is the work of a team, and for this reason your message will be received by each member of that team, meaning that you may well get multiple answers. If you'd like to contact a certain member of the editorial staff, visit this section.

Likewise, you may want to visit TheAvengers.TV International Forum, where you can ask questions, give your opinions and discuss any subject related to the Avengers universe. The Avengers.TV Forum (originally launched by Alan and Alys Hayes) was redesigned by all TheAvengers.TV team and relaunched as TheAvengers.TV International Forum on November 2001. It is moderated now by David K Smith, Alan and Alys Hayes, Mike Noon and Carlos.

Needless to say, we'll be most grateful to you for sending a message, no matter if it is constructive or not. If it's negative, we'd appreciate if you could suggest improvements. Also we'll be thankful for your help reporting any grammatical and/or typographical errors, broken links, omissions or anything you may consider of interest. We want to make Los Vengadores the best site possible, so your co-operation is essential.

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