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Who's Who???

A Hopeless Case...

Two facts: a) Thank God Patrick Macnee was born male. b) Now we know where Michael Jackson's resemblance comes from...We authors of this site, met in the Web thanks to a shared passion for The Avengers and through an incessant exchange of views and ideas via email, little by little we gave shape to this thingy. Until a couple of weeks prior to the launching of the original version in Spanish of this site (2 June 2001) only Mackidockie and Terylene knew each other personally... if by “knew” we mean to have shared a 3-hour talk. Otherwise, we all were strangers behind a computer, who worked quite enthusiastically for a common goal.

By the time The Avengers Forever’s webmaster David K. Smith came down to Argentina on a short visit, this curious situation changed. It was when most of us got together in a single place for a face-to-face meeting, and, to our joy, to have the great pleasure of spending a May afternoon along with David.

Since then, we might say that, at least, we’re able to recognize our faces now... And even though the distance keeps some of us apart, we’re proud to be a very good team. With you... the editorial staff.

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