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Congratulations! You Have Just Found Out The Secret Super Competition Of Our Website!

The character of this biography, absolutely uninterested in this section, has decided, at his partners' insistence to contribute with something, to award those few people who could drop in here with FIVE (5) items of his esteemed Avengers collection, kept in a locker in For(ge)t (Me) Knox, that is to say:

1 Beta Version of the never released game of The New Avengers for Coleco Vision.

2 First generation Cybernaut reprogrammed for kitchen work (specially to prepare barbecues and pizza dough).

3 Unreleased cover of "Kinky Boots" recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary, remixed by DJ Dan Fogelberg.

4 Leftovers from the soup Tara cooked in "The Interrogators" (with conservants suggested by Brian Clemens), along with the recipe redone by Soup Master Paul Newman.

5 A collection of erotic short stories written by Ian Ogilvy during the shooting of "They Keep Killing Steed," under the influence of adulterated hydrogen peroxide.

You want more? If you succeed in the competition in the first 25 months (non-Spanish speakers reading this for the first time by late January 2002, have *only* 18 months) you'll acquire a compilation CD of Sweet Baby David, world's best James Taylor tribute band, and Joanna Lumley's favorite. Plus, as a bonus CD track, you'll be able to find HoaxBuster 1.05, a powerful tool that will tell you if you're getting e-mails from the real Peter Wyngarde, amongst other celebrities, or from annoying impostors.

As you see, this is a pack for which Dave Rogers would give his taste buds.

All you have to do is to try some Indonesian search engine (downloading, if necessary, some language conversor—your browser will prompt you to do so) and search the name of the individual this page is dedicated to. Among the retrieved results is the right person's site, who will reward the winner with all the goodies above mentioned.

To make the contest even easier, apart from adding a mirror site in Beirut, you have the following information to refine your search: "Pasó hace poco la barrera de los 20" ("He broke the 20 years old barrier not too long ago"—Actually he's getting closer to 21 nowadays) and "Estudia Ciencias De La Comunicación" ("He studies Communication Science").

Of course, may you have great success with your search (good luck is only for ordinary people).

Disclaimer: The author's email is not available, as he thinks the help given is enough. Besides, he is too busy exchanging epistolary correspondence with David Hasselhoff and Stimpson J. Cat, aka Stimpy.

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