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Gonzalo Ciarleglio

Something Nasty In The Nursery: Gonzalo dribbling all over Steed... I was born in October the 3rd, 1985 in San Miguel, Buenos Aires province, but I lived in San Isidro until my sister Agustina was born in 1988. Then, we moved to a flat in San Miguel, which we left in 1991, after we bought the house where we currently live. In the photograph, I am in the kitchen of my house at San Isidro, being only 8 months old. I went to a lovely kindergarten in San Miguel, whose symbol was a bee, such as Bumble's. Afterwards, I made the whole of my primary and secondary education at Saint Paul's College (Hurlingham, Buenos Aires), where several subjects are taught in English by teachers of British origin. This gave me the chance to make a very close appraisal to the British language, culture, history and society, which I enjoy immensely. Having said that, I should add that the cultural background school gave me allowed me to thoroughly understand "The Avengers" and to be able to listen to the dialogues, thus improving my pronunciation and enriching my vocabulary. (I could, thank God, spare myself from reading the disastrous translations offered by Uniseries, responsible of the series broadcast in Argentina and the rest of South America)

My first contact with the series was on Friday, November 24, 2000. That day, I was waiting for "Bonanza" (which aired every day at 9:00 pm). For several months, Uniseries had been bombarding the audience with the publicity of a new series, "The Avengers" which, till then, I had no interest to know what was it about. So, that Friday night, (which I remember because the next day I was having a French exam), I was waiting for "Bonanza" to start. But the channel, with that marvellous, and often incomprehensible, way of rearranging broadcasting timetables, aired several episodes of "The Avengers" in a row. Unfortunately, I can't remember the first episode they aired (If somebody happens to know, please let me know), but when I watched Emma opening the champagne with a shot, I knew that series was for me: it filled a void of sophistication and style which nothing else was able to fill. The broadcast of Invasion of the Earthmen and Homicide and Old Lace that night didn't affect me, although the latter made me fall asleep. A few days later, I videotaped "The Joker", which is, till this day, my favourite episode.

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