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Born more than fourty years ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where still he lives, Carlos has had an affinity for The Avengers from a very tender age, as one might surmise by the photo. His passion for the series continued growing in concert with his hormonal development, entering crisis stage at 16 due to a serious crush on Tara King. Maybe due to this unlucky incident, Carlos' behavior turned a bit outlandish from then on—to this day, he can't help but confess his love to every woman wearing culottes he comes across in the street. To release some of his frustration, he became the webmaster of Los Vengadores.

Now little boy... why don't you bring the brolly back to Uncle John?Carlos is a multifaceted renaissance man with inclinations for the arts and sciences. Along the way he has been artist, graphical designer and photographer, among other things. He now works as a music journalist, specializing in jazz and contemporary genres

Besides his professional career, he writes poetry. He loves literature, and his favorite authors include Gastón Bachelard, Dylan Thomas, Edgar Allan Poe, Italo Calvino, Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortázar. His intellectual friends will never forgive him for being a football (soccer) enthusiast. His neighborhood friends can't make out what on Earth does he mean when talking about entropy applied to domestic problems.

He's always been a frustrated artist. Not that his work wasn't recognized, but because he carries out brilliantly a specialty he underestimates. He wanted to be a musician. But he can't even play the tambourine. Instead, he collects thousands of tapes, vinyl and CDs of many musical genres, specially jazz, where Thelonious Monk, Eric Dolphy, John Coltrane and Bill Evans rank as favorites. In cinema he gravitates towards Alfred Hitchcock, Carol Reed and Orson Welles, but from the outset he knew he could never be like Orson —at 25, Carlos not only hadn't filmed his first movie, but still lived with his parents...

Proverbially bad-tempered, he claims he's always busy, yet no one knows exactly what he's up to. Surely due to a fatal combination of little free time and a slightly touchy character, he isn't keen to reply to messages, although he secretly enjoys getting them in this e-mail.

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