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Mackidockie in the house that Jack built. Nobody knows how she could find the way out...Full Name: Analía Raquel López.

Age: 27.

City of Residence: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Profession: This and that, a bit of the other's, and once in a while a pinch of the another's.

Hobbies: Reading (whatever, from Shakespeare to Japanese Comics), watching TV (I become more demanding here), going to the cinema (a habit I've abandoned until the film industry improves), surfing the web, collecting calendars and strolling around my beautiful city.

Favorite Director: Alfred Hitchcock, the only capable of frightening, entertaining, and teaching you in one single movie. Luckily, he did it more than once.

Favorite Movie: Alfred Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder, the "perfect crime" for a perfect movie, shot in a so tiny room that not even the 10 per cent of the Titanic passengers would fit into. They say good things come in small boxes...

Favorite TV shows: In this group I include the shows that are part of my life, to which I devote a great deal of my spare time, meaning by that much more than just watching them. They aren't ordered preferentially, but chronologically: The Avengers (did I need to mention that?), Mission: Impossible, The X-Files, The Practice and Boston Public.

Favorite shows... but not too much: Cheers, Seinfeld, Frasier (and I haven't watched that episode with Patrick Macnee as a guest star, yet), ER, Ally McBeal, Will and Grace, and a few Japanese cartoons (usually called anime) so popular these days.

Additional tidbits: my favorite color is black, I love pizza, ice-cream and chocolate (as you can see, I don't set limits on food), I have a pet tortoise called Mariana, my only "addiction" is television, and my childhood's hero (and he still is, although I'm not a child anymore...) is James Bond.

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