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Emma or Tara?Introduction / by Carlos

The Avengers was not an ordinary series. On this, there can be no argument. Begun in 1961 and ended in 1969, The Avengers history runs right through one of the most creative, wildest, insurgent decades of the last century. A history that wisely took in the key elements of those years, and left a trademark which goes beyond the 1960s to project itself freshly at any time.

Maybe more vividly than any other show of that decade, The Avengers aesthetics show brilliantly how the world was changing at that moment, joining divergent trends together and expressing them as a coherent, homogenous product, well away from pastiche—often used then. From the mixture between cop-spy show of Dr Keel, to the comic of "The Winged Avenger;" from the expressionist shades of the Cathy Gale season, to the Pop explosion of the King series, The Avengers multiply the visual and dramatic references of a unique era.

In this section we're going to analyze some aspects of this exciting creation, involving not only their characters, but also the show as a whole. You're invited to find them out. Certainly we're not exactly the master minds at The Ransack Club, but... we're our own guys.

Was There Always Just the One Steed? Was There Always Just the One Steed? / by Terylene

This is the kind of question that arises invariably every time a character is seen on TV for such a long time. Steed was donning his bowler hat and brandishing his umbrella for ten years, on and off, which contributed to reinforce his impeccable, long-standing stamp. But... through those ten years, did Steed keep each one of his traits the same? Or did he change them? Or did he emphasize some? Hmmm... an interesting topic to think about.

Tara King, Worst Of All? Tara King, The Worst Of All? / by Carlos

A concise, confusing, pretentious essay about Tara King and her ostensible responsibility in the decline and fall of The Avengers, presented in two parts, an interlude and an epilogue.

Steed And Emma: A Man And A Woman Steed And Emma, A Man And A Woman / by Carlos

What does the magic between Emma and Steed consist of? A brief reflection on the male-female relationship, told by a genuine night owl.

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