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Was There Always Only One Steed?
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Was There Always Only One Steed?

By Terylene (with the great help from Mona Morstein)

Now Let's See...

Oh well, it's useless to compare notes... It's only me!Any neophyte would be tempted to answer affirmatively this question which sounds somewhat superfluous: "Sure there was only one Steed," they'd say rather firmly.

Veterans, however, will think a little more and consider the question deeper. "Well, not exactly," they'd affirm. That's true, but we have to say that our question by no means refers to the actors who played Steed either in the short-lived London stage version of 1971 (Simon Oates) or in the dreadful Hollywood film version of 1998 (Ralph Fiennes), or in the rather wonderful radio series starring Donald Monat.

To us, the truest fans of the series, Steed was and always will be played by Mr. Patrick Macnee. The matter is definite, and any refutation would be useless. Surely this would be the opinion of most people, whether they are represented by the most fervent supporters, or those who watch "The Avengers" only as a mere entertainment.

Now if the premise that there was always only one Steed is what really counts, our question at the top of this page would look completely out of context. But it isn't like that. On the contrary, this question is more complex than it looks like, and we'll try to analyze it in detail in the next pages.

* Digital Collage by Natalio (based on M.C. Escher's "Reflection Sphere").
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