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The Mirror Room
Aren't we sweet, Mrs Peel? Many of us have surely imagined the real man and woman behind their characters. But does any relationship actually exist between actors and the characters they're playing? The fascination and magnetism of each role very often stimulates speculation about the actors' private lives, the audience demanding them to make their secrets known. This section intends to enter that unknown world and look deep into its reflections. Now my dear mirror, tell me...

Steed - Macnee Today is reflected: John Steed - Patrick Macnee (by Terylene)

Throughout the entire series, Steed often looked at himself in a mirror, even in those hilarious devices of "Too Many Christmas Trees." But... if we did put him in front of that imaginary mirror that divides the character's life from the man's, what image would reflect? How much of Patrick Macnee would we see in John Steed? Or how much of John Steed in Patrick Macnee?

Emma - Diana Today is reflected: Emma Peel - Diana Rigg (by Mackidockie)

Upon seeing an Avengers episode, you may well have said sometime: "How can Emma do this or that so well?" Or maybe: "What a bogus scene! Certainly Emma is not cut out to do this." That's because Emma and Diana are not the same person. I mean, yes they are, but... they are not. Are you lost? Well, for better understanding of all this, here's a detailed analysis of Emma and Diana's similarities and differences.

Introduction: What do you think? Are Diana Rigg and Emma Peel two of a kind or not? Or do they resemble each other in some aspects and differ completely in some others? In this first section you'll find a general description of the character of Emma Peel, her intriguing relationship with John Steed, and how she impacted on the culture of the 60s.

Coincidences: Emma Peel - Diana Rigg This second section analyzes the character-player likenesses, some of them suggested by Diana Rigg herself, others imposed by the creators of the series. Anyhow, between the accomplished Shakespearean actress and the Queen of Sin, something more than "a simple coincidence" did exist.

Differences: Emma Peel - Diana Rigg What were the reasons why Emma Peel and Diana Rigg could not be considered as the same person? Perhaps the differences between them are the most significant factor in the lives of both. In this section we'll discover how Diana Rigg got rid of Emma Peel and then managed to achieve equally satisfactory results, not only in her private life, but also among the audience who still think of her as the most remembered "Avenger girl."

Personal opinion An account of my short way to Avengerland, and an explanation of why I am stranded in this dreamland, in the company of the good looking Mr. Steed and the elegant Mrs. Peel, plus a brief summary of the qualities that have left Diana Rigg topping the list of my favorite personalities.

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