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The Mirror Room
John Steed - Patrick Macnee
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The Mirror Room
Today is reflected: John Steed vs. Patrick Macnee

By Terylene (with great help from Mona Morstein)


Hey, aren't you Steed, of The Avengers?When in late 1960 Mr. Patrick Macnee received the script of the first episode of "The Avengers," and read what the writers had penned for his character John Steed, he cringed. In that script, only one thing was specified:

"Keel looks at the door, reads card: 'Dr Treading'. He is about to push the bell button when the door is flung open. Steed stands there".

Dr Keel was already well-known on English TV at the time, but, who was this mysterious Steed, for whom any detail, any previous background, any additional information was absent? All Patrick knew was that Steed was the first face Dr. Keel would see when he opened the door.

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