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The Avengers, The Movie? / by Carlos

Target practice! (no knives, no bullets, only tomatoes, please)

One of the strategies the film industry made use of during the last decade, was to remake old TV series. Perhaps as a way to replace their lack of imagination and their financial crisis with some material that earned, a priori, the audience's approval, the cinema began to speak about television, often without understanding its language. That's why many glories of the old small screen, acquired new life through the celluloid, recovering a color they never had known, and breathing through characters who once were believable.

The Avengers could not avoid this fate. Hated by some, welcome by others, the motion picture is not only a new case of "run for cover" —as Alfred Hitchcock called those tricks to seek refuge in something well-known when the lack of ideas is the only thing that abounds. Also it is a perfect sample of how little the present creators of cinema and television know. For that reason, apart from being an exercise in the art of diatribe, the analysis of this movie is an excellent opportunity to evaluate a filming tendency that, at the best of times, is controversial.

The Strange Case Of The Missing Chance The Strange Case Of The Missing Chance / by Pablo Alonso
A dissection of the ill-fated remake, plus a look to the future, a bit of trivia and a sample about the quality level of the translations for Latin America.
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