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What's New?

Los Vengadores is back online!The legend continues...

Hi all! We are proud to announce that Los Vengadores English version is back online! Originally taken offline almost a year ago, to be revised, updated and redesigned, the reality was that a dense layer of "real life" dust prevented us from completing the work. Fortunately, we were finally able to sort this out and the site is now back, thriving and very much alive!

Created and developed by people from Argentina, the content of this (very) abridged version of the original Spanish website, provides a uniquely Latin American view of the show complemented by an in-depth history of the series in these latitudes. Perusal of the site is made more stylish by the inclusion of more than seventy pages featuring original artwork.

We hope you enjoy the ride. Please make yourself welcome and don't forget to let us know your thoughts and feelings about this site. Thanks for your visit.

The Editorial Staff

PS: Los Vengadores English version would never have been possible without the (invaluable) hard work of Susana Grassino, who translated the bulk of the original Spanish text into English; Juana Kenis, our "express translator", always ready for quick advice; and the big help of our English and American friends, Alan and Alys Hayes, Mike Noon and David K Smith, who kindly invested lots of their precious time reading and editing the final version. To all of them, our deepest gratitude.

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