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A Passage To Avengerland

Avengerland Or The Place Of The (Im)possible / Introduction

by Carlos

Excuse me, driver... are you going to Avengerland?When a TV show runs through an entire decade. And that decade turns out to be one of the most effervescent in the history of the 20th century.

When the grey of the cathode ray tube blows up in magenta and turquoise. And a cop show more black than white, makes way for international espionage in the comic strip kingdom.

When fiction turns into reality. And reality is a set of glass beads in which the streets are deserted.

When there is corruption but no police are around. And women are granted immunity from death.

When in the middle of the most absolute chaos, a smile is the only possible gesture.

When a man and a woman are just that, and it is fascinating.

It is time to book a ticket to Avengerland, the land of The Avengers. A place to think what cannot be thought, and to know what cannot be known. Or a place to discover how it is, what it deals with and why this series maintains such a freshness, that for forty years it has been keeping a place in our hearts... and we're unable to know why.

Passes, tickets and subscriptions to the land of The Avengers... Avengerland: The Upside-Down Kingdom / by Terylene

Many years ago, when The Avengers was still a sketch, someone said to Patrick Macnee in a moment of singular confusion: "Patrick, dear boy, from what you've told me of this lunatic series, everything apears [sic] to be back to front, upside down and inside out."

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