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Tara King Trivia
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  Tara King Trivia

by Natalio and Pablo Alonso

So you think you know everything about The Avengers, eh? This is your chance to prove it! Each set of questions has a single correct answer. Just choose the one that seems more suitable to you by clicking A, B, C, D or E. A pop-up will appear showing the result. If you succeed, you will receive a recognition. If not... Please don't forget to close the pop-up before clicking another answer!

1. What's the name of the "travel agency" in "Bizarre" ?
Magic Tours
Mystic Tours
Mystery Tours
Amazing Tours
Jethro Tours
2. What's Tara's comment when Steed mentions the name "Nsonga" for the first time in "Have Guns--Will Haggle"?
No, who?
No, thanks
I beg your pardon?
Bless you
Steed, don't be naughty!
3. Who of these people performed only one function during the Tara King season?
Patrick Macnee
Brian Clemens
Albert Fennell
Jeremy Burnham
Robert Culp

In "The Morning After," Steed and Merlin seek refuge in a shed and find a dead man. Upon seeing him, Merlin performs a quick trick with his hands and shows a card. Which card was it?

The king of clubs
The ace of spades
The two of diamonds
The queen of hearts
The seven of spades
5. Which cast member of "The Prisoner" appeared in "The Avengers" during the Tara King season?
Peter Bowles
Alexis Kanner
Peter Swanwick
Patrick Cargill
German Schwanek
6. In "Love All" Tara King instantly recognizes, over the body of a murdered man, the brand and the name of a certain perfume. The brand was "Cherchez La Femme." What was the name?
Channel # 5
Fatal Ecstasy
Irresistible Attraction
Reckless Abandon
Warmer Passion
7. What's the name and number Steed says to the operator before going out "on vacation" in "Stay Tuned"?
Whitehall 9819
Norfolk 8271
Winchester 8916
Whitehall 9189
Whitehead 5428
8. In "Get-A-Way" Tara visited a file keeper who had three lizards in a glass cage. What were the names of these pets?
Peggy, Betty & Mary
Frank, Floyd & Frith
Popsy, Alfred & Sydney
Paulie, Maggie & Archie
Curly, Larry & Moe
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