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(The titles included at the top of each comment are: the original in English and the translation of the "official" Spanish title, respectively.)

"The Frighteners" / "The Extortioners"
Does anyone find any connection between frightener and extortioner? If there is one, then it's pretty vague. Besides, frighteners is indeed the best word to define what Moxon and Co. really are—a bunch of thugs who "massage" their victims according to The Deacon's orders. By the way, the alias wasn't translated in the subtitles, meaning that those viewers unable to understand English, are convinced that the ridiculous "Deacon" they read on the screen, is the last name of the big fellow who gives the orders. Following the same logic, the Russian Czar's name Ivan IV The Terrible, would be translated as "Ivan Terrible." As you can see, not even the oldest Avengers episode shown on TV escaped from the nonsense written by these "skillful" translators. What could we hope for the rest?

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