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Susana Grassino (Terylene)

Hmmm... who borrowed me that target-beret, I
wonder?I came into the world in 1958, during a decade of transition that saw many key changes, and then grew up during the 60s, in the middle of a whirlpool of events that would make history. Not surprisingly my nature denotes an extreme eagerness to discover what I don't know, to investigate what I ignore, and to pass on what I learn (providing I learn something...).

Perhaps as a rare combination of such tendencies, I embraced polymer chemistry as a profession, and literature as a passion. With this, coupled to my exclusive liking for the classic cinema; my craziness about (among others) classical music and British rock from the 60s and 70s... and my deep affection for swimming, to the extent that I hardly can resist any pool I find (inner pools, especially), many people would conclude that my character must be a melange as varied as a packet of assorted candies. Hmmm... to be honest, I hadn't thought about that...

Nevertheless I'm not a person who knows everything. My inability, for example, to keep pace with the times is proverbial. But my talent to put myself on tracks again, recover the lost time and get passionate towards things, more often than not is proverbial too. I discovered and loved The Beatles two years after their parting. I began to listen to the Argentine band Sui Generis once their farewell concert at Luna Park had passed by some fourteen months.

Regarding cinema, I didn't make any great advances either. But thanks to the magic of video, I rushed to rent The Graduate more than two decades after its opening, and went wild with the Golden Hollywood films when CinemaScope was already a matter of Ancient History.

It could be said that the same goes for TV-series... and that's partly true. I grew up with The Untouchables, The Wild Wild West, Zorro, the original Mission: Impossible, the original Star Trek, Danger Man and The Saint. I lived my teens along with The Invaders, Space 1999, the original Kung-Fu and The Streets of San Francisco.

But with The Avengers I definitively missed something, I'm afraid. The series kept somewhat remote in my memory, and all I could recall was a gentleman with bowler hat and umbrella, and a lady who was called Mrs. Peel. By the time the local cable channel Uniseries happily took the trouble to restore that broken link in my classic TV-series chain, The Avengers appeared utterly diffuse in my recollections. However, as always, my yearning to (re)discover the unknown occurred again, and the series not only ended up literally gluing me to my TV-set, but soon after, I was confessing my unconditional love for John Steed quite blatantly...

It wouldn't be wrong to describe myself as a person fascinated to dig the past out with the tools of the present, in order to project myself towards the future. Also I like to rake my brains, giving the cells the exercise that pleases them the most: to think. And sure I fancy writing, dearly. I adore animals (cats particularly) and dream of traveling around the world. Trouble is, this dream is never put in agreement with my pocket... Mountain landscapes inspire me, reason by which it isn't accidental that I have gravitated to my house in Cordoba city, Argentina, from which the hills are only minutes away.

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