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The Avengers In Argentina: Transmission Dates
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Episodes According To Their Transmission Date In Argentina (1999 Rerun)

Except for a premiere of four episodes shown on 30 October 1999, and after many years of being absent from Argentine television, The Avengers returned through local cable channel Uniseries as of 1 December 1999. Just as three decades before in the old Channel 13 of Buenos Aires, transmission began with the B&W Emma Peel Season. The episodes were regularly and consecutively broadcast from Monday thru Friday, arranged in such an order that quite followed the original production order. However this lasted for a few months. By the time the Tara King Season was being screened, the correlative transmission order was modified yet not radically changed. This time, an episode of each Avengers season was shown through different days of the week, still following the original production order (for more information, go visit this section).

The list below was made according to the transmission date of each episode in Argentina. The Spanish titles are those offered by channel Uniseries. Learn about our opinion on these titles, which we've re-translated into English for you, in the next page and "Traduttore, Traditore!"

For some unknown reason, some episodes of Season Two and Tara King's "The Curious Case Of The Countless Clues" were never broadcast. Likewise, the screening of Season Three was curtailed since 31 December 2000 due to unexpected schedule changes. To date, we don't know if these unaired episodes will be shown some time.

All the information concerning transmission dates was provided by Terylene, Mackidockie, Gonzalo Ciarleglio and Juana Kenis.

The Avengers' Transmission Dates In Argentina (1999 Rerun)
Season Original English Title 'Official' Spanish Title Date
EP / B y N The Town of No Return Pueblo Sin Retorno 01/12/99
EP / B y N The Murder Market El Mercado De Los Asesinatos 02/12/99
EP / B y N The Master Minds La Inteligencia Superior 03/12/00
EP / B y N Dial a Deadly Number Discar Un Número Mortal 06/12/99
EP / B y N Death at Bargain Prices La Muerte A Precios Regalados 07/12/99
EP / B y N Castle De'ath Castillo D'Muerte 08/12/00
EP / B y N The Cybernauts Los Cibernautas 09/12/99
EP / B y N The Gravediggers Los Sepultureros 10/12/99
EP / B y N Room Without a View La Habitación Sin Ventana 13/12/99
EP / B y N A Surfeit of H2O Un Exceso De Agua 14/12/99
EP / B y N Two's a Crowd Dos Son Multitud 15/12/99
EP / B y N Maneater of Surrey Green El Caníbal De Surrey Green 16/12/99
EP / B y N Silent Dust Polvo Silencioso 17/12/99
EP / B y N The Hour That Never Was La Hora Que Nunca Existió 20/12/99
EP / B y N Too Many Christmas Trees Demasiados Arboles De Navidad 21/12/99
EP / B y N The Thirteenth Hole El Hoyo 13 22/12/99
EP / B y N Small Game for Big Hunters Un Juego Simple Para Grandes Cazadores 23/12/99
EP / B y N The Girl from Auntie La Chica De Auntie 24/12/99
EP / B y N Quick-Quick Slow Death Una Muerte Rápida, Rápida, Pero Lenta 27/12/99
EP / B y N The Danger Makers Los Amantes Del Peligro 28/12/99
EP / B y N A Touch of Brimstone Un Toque Diabólico 29/12/99
EP / B y N What the Butler Saw ¿Qué Vio El Mayordomo? 30/12/99
EP / B y N The House That Jack Built La Casa Que Jack Contruyó 31/12/99
EP / B y N A Sense of History Con Sentido Histórico 03/01/00
EP / B y N How To Succeed... At Murder Cómo Triunfar... En El Crimen 04/01/00
EP / B y N Honey for the Prince Miel Para El Príncipe 05/01/00
EP / Color The Fear Merchants Los Mercaderes Del Terror 06/01/00
EP / Color Escape in Time Escape En El Tiempo 07/01/00
EP / Color The Bird Who Knew Too Much El Pájaro Que Sabía Demasiado 10/01/00
EP / Color From Venus With Love De Venus, Con Amor 11/01/00
EP / Color The See-Through Man El Hombre Invisible 12/01/00
EP / Color The Winged Avenger El Vengador Alado 13/01/00
EP / Color The Living Dead Los Muertos Vivos 14/01/00
EP / Color The Hidden Tiger El Tigre Silencioso 17/01/00
EP / Color The Correct Way to Kill Matar Con Corrección 18/01/00
EP / Color Never, Never Say Die Nunca Digas Morir 19/01/00
EP / Color Epic Epico 20/01/00
EP / Color The Superlative Seven Los Siete Magníficos 21/01/00
EP / Color A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station Algo Gracioso Ocurrió Camino A La Estación 24/01/00
EP / Color Something Nasty in the Nursery Algo Feo En La Nursery 25/01/00
EP / Color The Joker El Bromista 26/01/00
EP / Color Who's Who??? ¿Quién Es Quién? 27/01/00
EP / Color Death's Door A Las Puertas De La Muerte 28/01/00
EP / Color Return of the Cybernauts El Regreso De Los Cibernautas 31/01/00
EP / Color Dead Man's Treasure El Tesoro Del Muerto 01/02/00
EP / Color The £50,000 Breakfast El Desayuno De 50.000 Libras 02/02/00
EP / Color You Have Just Been Murdered Usted Ha Sido Asesinado 03/02/00
EP / Color The Positive Negative Man El Hombre Eléctrico 04/02/00
EP / Color Murdersville El Pueblo de la Muerte 07/02/00
EP / Color Mission... Highly Improbable Una Misión... Altamente Improbable 08/02/00
Tara King The Forget-Me-Knot No Me Olvides 09/02/00
Tara King Invasion of the Earthmen La Invasión De Los Hombres De La Tierra 10/02/00
Tara King Bizarre Extraño 11/02/00
Tara King Split! Transferencia 14/02/00
Tara King Get-A-Way! La Huida 15/02/00
Tara King Have Guns - Will Haggle Si Tienes Armas, Puedes Regatear 16/02/00
Tara King Look - (stop me if you've heard this one) .. Miren... Iban Esos Dos Tipos 17/02/00
Tara King My Wildest Dream Mi Sueño Más Alocado 18/02/00
Tara King Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40? ¿Quién Le Disparó A XR40? 21/02/00
Tara King You'll Catch Your Death Atrapará A Su Muerte 22/02/00
Tara King All Done with Mirrors Todo Hecho con Espejos 23/02/00
Tara King Super Secret Cypher Snatch Robo De Cifras Super Secretas 24/02/00
Tara King Game El Juego 25/02/00
Tara King False Witness Falso Testigo 28/02/00
Tara King Noon Doomsday Juicio Final, Al Mediodía 29/02/00
Tara King Legacy of Death El Legado De La Muerte 01/03/00
Tara King They Keep Killing Steed Siguen Matando A Steed 02/03/00
Tara King Wish You Were Here Deseando Que Estés Aquí 03/03/00
Tara King Killer Asesino 06/03/00
Tara King The Rotters La Cárcoma 07/03/00
Tara King The Interrogators Los Interrogadores 08/03/00
Tara King The Morning After El Día Después 09/03/00
Tara King Love All Amar A Todos 10/03/00
Cathy Gale Dead On Course Muerte En Camino 14/03/00
Tara King Take Me To Your Leader Llévame Con Tu Líder 16/03/00
Cathy Gale Mission to Montreal Misión A Montreal 21/03/00
Tara King Stay Tuned Mantente en Sintonía 23/03/00
Cathy Gale The Sell-Out La Traición 28/03/00
Tara King Fog Niebla 30/03/00
Cathy Gale Death Dispatch Despacho de Muerte 04/04/00
Tara King Who Was That Man I Saw You With? ¿Quién Era Ese Hombre Con El Que Te Vi? 06/04/00
David Keel The Frighteners Los Extorsionadores 08/04/00
Cathy Gale Warlock El Brujo 11/04/00
Tara King Pandora Pandora 13/04/00
Cathy Gale Propellant 23 Propelente 23 18/04/00
Tara King Thingumajig Algo Mágico 20/04/00
Cathy Gale The Decapod El Decápodo 25/04/00
Tara King Homicide and Old Lace Homicidio y Encaje Antiguo 27/04/00
Cathy Gale Bullseye Tiro Al Blanco 02/05/00
Tara King Requiem Requiem 04/05/00
Cathy Gale The Removal Men Hombres Asesinos 09/05/00
Tara King Take-Over Apoderarse 11/05/00
Cathy Gale The Mauritius Penny El Penique Mauritius 16/05/00
Cathy Gale Death of a Great Dane La Muerte De Un Gran Danés 23/05/00
Cathy Gale Traitor in Zebra Un Traidor en Zebra 30/05/00
Cathy Gale The Big Thinker El Gran Pensador 06/06/00
Cathy Gale Intercrime Intercrimen 13/06/00
Cathy Gale Immortal Clay Cerámica Inmortal 20/06/00
Cathy Gale Box of Tricks La Caja de Sorpresas 27/06/00
Cathy Gale The Golden Eggs Los Huevos de Oro 04/07/00
Cathy Gale School for Traitors Escuela Para Traidores 11/04/00
Cathy Gale The White Dwarf El Enano Blanco 18/07/00
Cathy Gale Man in the Mirror El Hombre en el Espejo 25/07/00
Cathy Gale Conspiracy of Silence La Conspiración del Silencio 01/08/00
Cathy Gale A Chorus of Frogs Un Coro de Sapos 08/08/00
Cathy Gale Killer Whale Ballena Asesina 15/08/00
Cathy Gale Concerto Concierto 29/08/00
Cathy Gale Brief for Murder Alegato Para Un Asesinato 05/09/00
Cathy Gale The Nutshell Cáscara de Nuez 12/09/00
Cathy Gale The Golden Fleece El Vellocino de Oro 19/09/00
Cathy Gale Death à la Carte Muerte a la Carta 26/09/00
Cathy Gale Man With Two Shadows Hombre Con Dos Sombras 03/10/00
Cathy Gale Don't Look Behind You No Mires Hacia Atrás 10/10/00
Cathy Gale The Grandeur That Was Rome La Grandeza Que Era Roma 17/10/00
Cathy Gale Death of a Batman La Muerte De Un Ordenanza 24/10/00
Cathy Gale Build a Better Mousetrap Construir Una Trampa Mejor 31/10/00
Cathy Gale November Five El 5 de Noviembre 07/11/00
Cathy Gale Second Sight Segunda Vista 14/11/00
Cathy Gale The Gilded Cage La Jaula Dorada 21/11/00
Cathy Gale The Medicine Men Los Hombres de la Medicina 28/11/00
Cathy Gale The White Elephant El Elefante Blanco 05/12/00
Cathy Gale Dressed to Kill Vestida Para Matar 12/12/00
Cathy Gale The Wringer El Extorsionador 19/12/00
Cathy Gale The Little Wonders Las Pequeñas Sorpresas 26/12/00
Cathy Gale Mandrake (untranslated) 5/11/02
Cathy Gale Trojan Horse (untranslated) 12/11/02
Cathy Gale The Outside-In Man (untranslated) 19/11/02
Cathy Gale The Charmers (untranslated) 26/11/02
  Unaired Episodes
Season Original English Title 'Official' Spanish Title Date
Cathy Gale Mr Teddy Bear - -
Cathy Gale Death on the Rocks - -
Cathy Gale Six Hands Across A Table - -
Cathy Gale The Undertakers - -
Cathy Gale The Secrets Broker - -
Cathy Gale Esprit de Corps - -
Cathy Gale Lobster Quadrille - -
Tara King The Curious Case of the Countless Clues - -

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